Airport Central

BNE Property manages a portfolio valued at more than $1.3 billion including retail, commercial, industrial and land developments.  We have a proven track record of effectively developing and managing premium leaseholds and are proud to have developed BNE into five totally unique and customised precincts. 

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Airport Central’s location, scale and prominence makes it visible to most visitors to Brisbane Airport. The high-profile location, expansive land parcels and flexibility offered by the greenfield environment present a unique opportunity to create distinctive and memorable addresses within this precinct.

Airport Central can accommodate a range of functions that support the core operations of the airport and its two terminals. The precinct features offices for airport staff, at-grade parking areas and the BNE Service Centre, providing fuel, food and beverages for the airport community.

The nature of airport operations and the breadth of development within the precinct means that it is a critical mass of movement, activity, energy and vitality. Its edges are defined by the runways and major access roads of Moreton and Airport Drive.

At the heart of the airport site, Airport Central is a critical mass of activity, and includes the International Terminal, Domestic Terminal and Skygate. A vibrant lifestyle and business hub, Airport Central presents a prime retail offering and exceptional development opportunities for retail, commercial, recreational, automotive and mixed industry business.

Airport Central is home to the BNE Auto Mall and BNE Service Centre.