Brisbane's New Runway positive economic benefits for businesses on Airport
21 June 2019

Economic impacts of new runway

BNE's new runway to have positive economic impact on businesses in Queensland

Under construction since 2012 and employing up to 675 people during peak periods, the current economic impact BNE’s new runway project directly generates for the South East Queensland's (SEQ) economy is substantial. In fact, 90 percent of its workforce and construction equipment is based and/or sourced directly from SEQ.

In addition, the new runway is expected to not only attract new business but contribute to an increase in employment across all commercial ventures within the airport precinct, with job numbers estimated to reach 50,000 in the next 20 years.

“Due to the expected doubling of passenger numbers in the next 20 years, coupled with the changing face of airports and what they offer, we are planning to broaden the offering by exploring the potential for more customer-focused options for the available, highly visible and accessible land down the central corridor known as Airport Central,” says John Tormey, BNE Property Executive General Manager.

“Because of the increased capacity available after opening in mid-2020, we also have a strong focus on attracting freight and logistics businesses to Brisbane Airport. BNE Property has already seen a significant increase in enquiries from air freight operators.”

According to a BNE business precinct survey conducted in 2018, a whopping 94 percent of businesses recognise Brisbane Airport as a “stable or growing market opportunity”, with a staggering 83 percent indicating their business performance as either “very good” or “excellent”.

This is all due to the location, connectivity, amenities and ability for businesses within the BNE precinct to access potential customers during the 24/7 hours of operation making the BNE business precinct an attractive place for any business operation to consider.

With the new runway nearing completion and business opportunities increasing, contact the team at BNE Property to find out how you and your business can become part of BNE’s business centre.