John Tormey BNE Property
21 June 2019

BNE Property farewells John Tormey

June marked the end of an era for BNE Property

Having carved a successful career in the commercial property industry that has spanned more than 40 years, BNE Property Executive General Manager John Tormey has now farewelled his team for the final time after he retired from full-time work in June.

We share some insights about John and highlight some of his key achievements during his time at BNE Property. John also shares his thoughts about his time at BNE Property.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with John will know he is a highly-respected industry leader who has a calm and orderly manner. With a great ability to engage his peers, colleagues and associates, he has been an influential and guiding voice for BNE Property over the past five years. His welcoming demeanour and ability to see the funny side of things has also added a touch of humour to his journey.

John has a love of automobiles and is the proud owner of an Aston Martin DB9. Luckily for him, he has been able to combine work with play, and his involvement in the development of the Auto Mall, which includes a performance track designed by Supercars legend Mark Skaife, perfectly complements his love for elegant and refined machines.

When he’s not working on bold new developments, John remains fit and active and a ‘toast’ to close out his outstanding career was certainly in order. If you think June will be the last time John’s presence at BNE Property will be felt, you may be mistaken as he plans on continuing to be part of the business in some capacity including volunteer work, or as a customer trying the new performance track at BNE Auto Mall.

BNE Property Career Highlights

During his time at the helm of BNE Property, John has been instrumental in dramatically building and shaping Brisbane Airport’s property division. Some of his key achievements include:

  • Delivering innovative and world-class property developments such as BNE Auto Mall.
  • Welcoming major tenants to the property group including AP Eagers, Miele, Nick Scali, Haymans, Hanson Construction Materials and TK Maxx.
  • Expanding the Skygate precinct with additions to DFO and the new homemaker centre, Skygate Home & Life, as well as the BNE Service Centre.
  • Achieving and maintaining a one percent vacancy rate across all BNE properties.

To read more about John’s career and his retirement, visit BNE Property News.

Q&A with John Tormey

What has been your favourite part about being Executive General Manager at BNE Property?

“When I joined BNE Property, I was brought in as a consultant and straight away I could see the potential of Brisbane Airport given its size, scale, amenities, location and connectivity. I could envisage the incredible opportunity for growth and expansion.

But not only that, it’s been greatly rewarding working with a team of talented individuals who shared my visions and worked with me to unpack large parcels of land and create solutions that meet market needs. For example, Auto Mall and the future Skygate North.”

You’ve achieved a lot in a relatively short time at the helm of BNE Property, what are you most proud of and why?

“I would have to say BNE Auto Mall and securing AP Eagers, Australia’s oldest listed automobile company, as the anchor tenant. The project presented many challenges, and there were many sceptics, particularly when we were initially getting the project off the ground. It was a carefully considered project as we planned to clear 51 hectares, but were able to demonstrate it was a worthy initiative.  

Another significant achievement has been not only reaching but maintaining our less than one percent vacancy rate across all our properties.”

Less than one percent vacancy rate is impressive; how did you reach and now maintain this?

“One of the things I’ve learnt in this business is patience, and to achieve a result like this takes time. Thanks to our dedicated in-house property team, we also have a unique advantage as we were able to service our clients, many who have been with us since the start of development, and carry them through to post-completion as tenants.

As mentioned earlier, Brisbane Airport is also positioned in an enviable location and has great amenities and connectivity which make our properties very desirable. We find that many of our tenants want to stay and grow their businesses here, and we work with them to realise their potential.”

What didn’t you get a chance to do at BNE Property?

“To see BNE Auto Mall completed and fully operational. I’ll be excited to see the precinct come to life and I can’t wait to drive around the performance track.” 

What advice will you give to your successor?

“There is great diversity within this portfolio, and there is still so much potential to shape the future landscape of the airport. So, my advice would be to take this as an opportunity to build on the foundation that already exists and make it something that the people of Brisbane and Queensland are proud to be associated with.”