BNE Property Development Brisbane Airport

Our Vision

Our BNE 2025 Vision

BNE Property has a vision for Brisbane Airport to be Queensland’s preferred destination for transit and gathering of people, ideas and materials. A vibrant centre for commerce, innovation and recreation, and an internationally recognised model for sustainable development.

As a property business, we have a commitment to create a unique place that attracts and connects businesses, workers and visitors, while also creating a significant and diversified property portfolio. BNE is a 24/7 precinct that makes up more than 30% of the Australia TradeCoast region, and through our expertise, we assist investors and prospective tenants to maximise the benefits of investing in BAC.

We will bring our 2025 vision to life by:

  • Expanding key established business hubs
  • Creating new precincts
  • Delivering new land supply
  • Developing new public amenities.

We’re committed to taking our diverse range of tenants on this exciting journey with us. We pride ourselves on developing long term relationships and partnerships based around a commitment to see our tenants businesses succeed. We understand our client’s success is also ours, and have helped transition many tenants into new and larger facilities as they achieve success and grow. 

Our 50 Year Vision

Our long term goal is to be a self-sustaining commercial centre for business and leisure that complements Brisbane’s CBD and supports the economic and cultural growth of Brisbane, Queensland and Australia.

Brisbane Airport’s essential point-of-difference is that we offer a large, strategic and uniquely positioned land holding, on the cusp of ground-breaking change that celebrates where Brisbane and Queensland connect with the world.

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